Saturday, July 20

8:30 AM

Registration & Breakfast Open

Arrive at the venue, pick up your Global Cryonics Summit badge, and enjoy a light breakfast and refreshments.

9:30 AM

Welcome & Orientation

Settle in and hear a few opening words from the organizers of the Global Cryonics Summit.

9:45 AM


Envisioning Cryonics Futures

Location: Stage A
Description: A hopeful look at the future and cryonics.
Speaker: Anders Sandberg

10:25 AM


Cryonics Presidents Panel

Location: Stage A
Updates and future plans from the major cryonics organizations.
James Arrowood, Emil Kendziorra, Kai Micah Mills, Peter Tsolakides

11:20 AM


Tomorrow Bio Expanding to The USA

Location: Stage A
Description: Learn all about Tomorrow Bio's upcoming expansion into select US states.
Speaker: Emil Kendziorra

11:50 AM


Update from Alcor

Location: Stage A
Description: Learn about the great initiatives Alcor has been working on.
Speaker: James Arrowood

12:20 PM


Emerging Technological Trends in Human Cryopreservation

Location: Stage B
Description: Learn about the developments at Advanced Neural Biosciences and Biostasis Technologies.
Speaker: Aschwin de Wolf

1:00 PM


Enjoy a catered Mediterranean meal for lunch. The second half of lunch will include an organized round of ice-breakers that you are encouraged to participate in to get to know the conference speakers and attendees.

2:00 PM


Update from Yinfeng

Location: Stage B
Description: A remote presentation from representatives of the Chinese cryonics provider, Yinfeng.

2:25 PM


Research Project Pitches

Location: Stage A
Description: Hear a series of cryopreservation research pitches presented by scientists before a panel of funders.
Pitchers: Regina Monaco, Ramon Risco, Ralf Spindler

3:20 PM


Biostasis Roadmap

Location: Stage A
Description: Hear about the Biostasis Technology Roadmap that's being worked on by experts across the cryonics field.
Speaker: Emil Kendziorra, Nathan Cheng

What Sets Cryonicists Apart?

Location: Stage B
Description: Hear from a social anthropologist about what sets cryonicists apart from the general population.
Speaker: William Dawley

3:55 PM


Cryopreservation at Seville

Location: Stage A
Description: An exploration of various applications of ultrasound in cryonics and ideas for instant cooling through time-varying electric fields.
Speaker: Ramon Risco

Beware Cultural Drift

Location: Stage B
Description: Cryonics storage may be hard. Cultural drift is making fertility fall, so over next centuries we’ll see shrinking economy, scales, liberality, innovation rates.
Speaker: Robin Hanson

4:30 PM


What is CryoDAO

Location: Stage A
Description: Find out how CryoDAO is harnessing Decentralized Science to push forward high-impact cryopreservation research.
Speaker: Kai Micah Mills

Cryonics & Politics

Location: Stage B
Description: The big political, economic, and societal changes we should be steering towards for Cryonics to scale and achieve mass adoption.
Speaker: Gennady Stolyarov II

5:05 PM


History of Precedent Setting Legal Victories

Location: Stage A
Description: Learn about the various legal challenges that have faced the cryonics field, and how they were defeated.
Speaker: Bill Faloon

6:00 PM

Closing Statements

A few closing words to close out Day 1 of the Global Cryonics Summit from the conference organizers.

Sunday, July 21

9:00 AM

Breakfast Opens

Arrive at the venue for Day 2 of the conference and enjoy a light breakfast and refreshments.

10:05 AM


Cryonics Community Development

Location: Stage A
Hear a casual round-table discussion from the conference organizers on how to develop the cryonics community and what we should be striving for.
Max Marty, Daniel Walters, Eric Magro, Rebecca Ziegler

10:40 AM


The Consortium

Location: Stage A
Description:  Learn about the activities of the Biomedical Research & Longevity Society including the development of Resurgence Biomedical Sciences.
Speakers: Houston Westfall & Aaron Drake

11:20 AM


Beyond Ultrastructure:  Getting to Suspended Animation

Location: Stage B
Hear about the latest research and data on cryopreservation's impact on ultrastructure preservation in the brain.
Greg Fahy

Very Long-Term Investments

Location: Conference Room
Description: Learn about how you can plan your investments for a long-term cryonics timeline.
Host: Rudi Hoffman

12:10 PM


Enjoy a catered Mediterranean meal for lunch. The second half of lunch will include an organized round of ice-breakers that you are encouraged to participate in to get to know the conference speakers and attendees.

1:10 PM


Investing For the Very Long-Term

Location: Stage B
Description:  Focus 5-10 minute talks from a variety of speakers.
Speakers: Rudi Hoffman

1:30 PM


Alcor Q&A

Location: Stage A
Description:  An opportunity for all attendees to ask Alcor's CEO any and all important questions about Alcor and its future.
Speakers: James Arrowood

2:05 PM


Lightning Talks

Location: Stage A
Description:  Focused 5-10 minute talks from a variety of speakers.
Speakers: Aubrey de Grey, Maria Entraigues Abramson, Nuno Martins, Jose Cordeiro, Taya Maki, Peter Voss, Charlie Kam, Carrie Radomski, Natalie Coles

3:20 PM


Women in Cryonics

Location: Stage A
Description: This session features prominent women in cryonics discussing topics such as how to get cryonics to appeal to more women.
Participants: Taya Maki, Carrie Radomski, Rebecca Ziegler, Christine Gaspar

Excellence in Cryonics: Semblance, Substance, and Standards

Location: Stage B
Description: Find out how we can communicate cryonics better and increase our standards, from someone who's been involved in the field for decades.
Speaker: Max More

4:00 PM


Cryostasis Revival: Next Steps

Location: Stage A
Description: This talk covers the cornerstones of cryostasis revival, including bio-nanorobotics and immersive VR.
Speaker: Natasha Vita-More

Marketing Cryonics

Location: Stage B
Description: A talk on how to bring cryonics more into the mainstream.
Speakers: Dan Held

4:40 PM


Standby First Aid Workshop

Location: Stage B
Description: Participate in a hands-on workshop that will show you what it takes to be part of a standby first aid volunteer team.
Host: Aaron Drake

5:25 PM

Closing Statements

A few closing words to close out the first Global Cryonics Summit from the summit organizers.

5:40 PM

Ice Cream Social

End your conference attendance with some ice cream and socializing with the speakers and your fellow attendees.

Dan Held

Dan Held is a serial entrepreneur and Bitcoin educator with over 850,000 followers on social media. Dan invests in Bitcoin DeFi as a GP at Asymmetric, and was formerly the Head of Marketing at Kraken. Dan is a Marketing Advisor at Trust Machines, Taproot Wizards, and more. In between his time in crypto, he worked on the Marketing and Growth Product teams at Uber. As an entrepreneur, Dan has two exits (Intercharge > Kraken, ZeroBlock >

James Arrowood

James Arrowood is the CEO of the American cryonics provider Alcor. James started working with Alcor in 2015 as outside General Counsel and has helped Alcor successfully navigate through various complex legal and related business matters before becoming CEO in December, 2022. Learn more about James and his new directions at Alcor in his interview on the Cryonics Underground podcast.

Rudi Hoffman

Rudi is an insurance broker and financial planner who has helped dozens of cryonicists secure their insurance plans for cryopreservation. He is also the author of The Affordable Immortal and The Cryonics Estate Planning Handbook.

Learn more about Rudi Hoffman by listening to his interview on the Cryonics Underground Podcast.

Emil Kendziorra

Emil Kendziorra is the founder and CEO of the European cryonics provider Tomorrow Bio and the founder and president of the board of the European Biostasis Foundation (EBF). Emil is a medical doctor who started his career in longevity research and later pivoted into entrepreneurship and cryonics. Learn more about Emil in his interviews on the Cryonics Underground podcast.

Kai Micah Mills

Kai Micah Mills is the CEO of the American pet cryopreservation company Cryopets and Co-founder of the cryonics research funding organization CryoDAO. Kai has previous history as a tech entrepreneur and is a 2023 Thiel Fellow. Learn more about Kai in his interview on the Cryonics Underground podcast.

Bill Faloon

Bill Faloon is the co-founder of the Biomedical Research & Longevity Society (BRLS) which is one of the leading providers of financial support for otherwise unfunded research in the areas of cryobiology, interventive gerontology and cryonics. During the last decade alone, BRLS awarded more than $100 million in grants to highly-specialized cryogenic research organizations.

Bill has also funded multiple landmark legal cases that have secured legal protection for the cryonics field.

Robin Hanson

Robin Hanson is an associate professor of economics at George Mason University and a research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University. He is an avid futurist whose cryonics membership was documented in the New York Times article Until Cryonics Do Us Part. Learn more about Robin by watching his interview on the Cryonics Underground podcast.

Aschwin de Wolf

Aschwin de Wolf is the CEO of the research organizations Advanced Neural Biosciences and Biostasis Technologies. Achwin has experience in creating standby and cryoprotection capabilities, and writing protocols and documentation. He also is an editor of the Cryonics magazine and co-author of Human Cryopreservation Procedures.

Max More

Max More is a futurist and philosopher and the Director of Communications at Biostasis Technologies. He also served as CEO of Alcor for nearly 10 years. Max has written extensively on the philosophy of transhumanism and extropianism, and has spoken at events across the world advocating for cryonics.

Learn more about Max More by listening to his interview on the Cryonics Underground podcast.

Dr. Ramón Risco

Ramón Risco is a physicist and scientist who has worked on cryopreservation research at the cryobiology laboratory at the University of Seville, Spain. His current work is focused on developing technologies for safely rewarming cryopreserved organs using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound guided by Magnetic Resonance Thermography. Learn more about his research from his publication: Sound waves for solving the problem of recrystallization in cryopreservation.

Max Marty

Max Marty is a serial entrepreneur and active member of the cryonics community. Max is the creator of the Cryosphere, the largest cryonics community Discord server. Max also co-hosts the Cryonics Underground podcast, which conducts in-depth interviews with key figures in the cryonics field. In 2023, Max conducted a comprehensive survey of people signed up for or interested in cryonics and reported the findings on Substack.

Gennady Stolyarov II

Gennady is a prominent transhumanist and author. He's known for writing the book Death is Wrong, where he argues for the end of mortality through scientific advancement.

Gennady is also the chairman of the United States Transhumanist Party, which raises awareness and advocates for radical life extension.

Aaron Drake

Aaron is an expert in cryonics standby, stabilization, and transport. Aaron was the Medical Response Director of Alcor until 2016 and the Director of Research and Chief Specialist at Yinfeng until 2023. Currently, Aaron serves as Director of Clinical Education for Resurgence Biomedical Sciences.

Learn more about Aaron Drake in his interview on the Cryonics Underground podcast.

Marji Klima

Marji Klima joined Alcor Life Extension Foundation in an administrative role in 2013. Since 2022, she has served as the co-CEO of Alcor. Marji's position includes administrative support in membership services, office management, marketing, media engagement, coordination and technical operations.

Dennis Kowalski

Dennis Kowalski has served as the president of Cryonics Institute for over 10 years. Dennis has certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Advanced Pediatric Life Support (PALS), and as a CPR Instructor for the American Heart Association. He also has experience in running multiple Cryonics Standbys that led to some of the best outcomes on record.

William Dawley

William Dawley is a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen. William is one of the researchers working on the project - Human Futures: A study of Technoscientific Immortality. The Technoscientific Immortality study includes an investigation into cryonics and what makes its ideas and population scientifically and culturally unique.

Ander Sandberg

Anders Sandberg is a Swedish researcher, futurist, and advocate for cryonics. He has a PhD in computational neuroscience from Stockholm University, and is a former senior research fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford.

Anders has signed the scientists' open letter to support cryonics and is an advisor to the UK Cryonics and Cryopreservation Research Network.

Nathan Cheng

Nathan Cheng is an avid advocate for investments into longevity biotech initiatives. Nathan is the co-founder of Vitalism and the co-founder and executive director of Longevity Biotech Fellowship.  Nathan also serves as a General Partner at Healthspan Capital, a venture capital firm investing in companies developing therapeutics to increase healthy human lifespan. You can find Nathan's writings about longevity biotech investing at Longevity Marketcap.

Eli Mohamad

Eli Mohamad was a co-founder of the biopreservation company X-Therma and spent several years as its Chief Business Officer. He was also a co-founder of the Organ Preservation Alliance; a non-profit promoting research in organ, tissues, and cell preservation.

Eli is also a Founding Steward and contributor at CryoDAO, which is combining the world of crypto and decentralized science to fund cryopreservation research.

Carrie Radomski

Carrie Radomski has been involved in the fields of radical life extension and cryonics for 10 years. Carrie is a director at the Biomedical Research & Longevity Society and Biostasis Technologies. Currently, Carrie is primarily focused on building the Futurist Club and a cryonics rapid response standby organization in Alberta, Canada.

Learn more about Carrie from her appearance on the Cryonics Underground Podcast.

Peter Tsolakides

Peter Tsolakides is the founder, director, and chairman of Southern Cryonics, a cryonics provider based in Australia. Peter is also the director of an Australian non-profit called CryoPath which provides SST services in cooperation with Southern Cryonics, Alcor, and Cryonics Institute. Additionally, Peter is the director of Cryonics Services Australia which provides ssistance with contractual processes, and long-term trust services.

Greg Fahy

Greg Fahy is one of the world's foremost experts in cryobiology and organ cryopreservation. Greg is the Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at 21st Century Medicine, which focuses on the development of the long-term cryopreservation of human organs, tissues, and cells. Notable research from 21st Century Medicine includes the successful vitrification, rewarming, and transplantation of a rabbit kidney. Greg Fahy was also the 2022/2023 president of the Society for Cryobiology.

Maria Entraigues-Abramson

Maria Entraigues-Abramson, Director of Development for SENS Research Foundation, is known for driving partnerships and financial donations for two decades. A licensed private pilot, presenting SENS goals at numerous conferences, Maria is a notable voice in the longevity field. Leading the first human cryopreservation in Latin America, co-authoring the peer-reviewed research Cryopreservation of a Human Brain and Its Experimental Correlate in Rats, she is also a board member of the International Longevity Alliance.

Roman Bauer

Roman Bauer is a senior lecturer in Computational Biology and Research Fellow in Computational Cryopreservation at the University of Surrey. Roman is also a spokesperson for BioDynaMo, an organization aiming to bring new computational practices to digital health. Additionally, Roman is a co-founder at Oxford Cryotechnology, which employs computation and machine learning to develop improved cryopreservation methods with broad applications.

Natasha Vita-More

Natasha Vita-More, Ret. Prof. and Department Chair at UAT, is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Center for Future mind at FAU. Natasha’s scientific research proved the persistence of long-term memory in vitrified and revived C. Elegans. She is published in Oxford Handbook of Human Symbolic Evolution and Intelligence Unbounded. Natasha is the executive director at Humanity+, a non-profit that advocates for ethical use of technology and evidence-based science.

Charles Platt

Charles Platt is the co-author of Human Cryopreservation Procedures, which is the most comprehensive guide of the legal and practical processes of cryopreserving a person. Charles worked as the team lead on five cryopreservation cases at Alcor, and has leveraged his experience to write about how to improve your odds of a successful cryopreservation.

Charles has also worked to engineer SST equipment, including a design for a portable ice bath.

Taya Maki

Taya Maki is the president of the French Cryonics Society, which is organizing a community to improve local standby and the legality of cryonics in France. Taya has attended events since 2011 which include standby trainings and other cryonics and longevity events throughout Europe.

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